Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Thanks to recent medical advances, a number of treatments are available for erectile dysfunction (ED). Your doctor will recommend one based on several factors, including your general health, the cause and severity of your impotence, the preferences of both you and your partner, and cost. Physicians generally agree that the approach to treatment should begin with the least invasive method, moving on to the most invasive procedure only if all other treatments fail. However, before deciding to pursue treatment of any kind, you need to decide if you really want to follow through. Your responses to these questions may help you make this decision:

• How motivated are you to resume normal sexual activity?
• How much support do you have from your partner?
• How willing are you to learn and use new techniques?

Men and women who go without sexual activity for a long time often fall out of the habit of having sex, and may not particularly miss it. The likelihood of success is not good if you are considering treatment just because you’re wondering whether it will work. Your chances for success are much greater if you and your partner are eager to resume regular sexual activity.

Although some men prefer to deal with their ED without involving their partner, most doctors agree that couples who work together to seek treatment gain the most benefit, especially when Levitra is used. Ideally, this involvement should begin with the first visit to your doctor, because your partner often can provide valuable information that can help the doctor find the cause and recommend treatment. At the very least, your partner should be consulted before making a final decision about treatment. Here are some things to consider:

• Is your partner as eager as you are to become sexually active again?
• Is your partner willing to help you make treatment decisions?
• Will your partner have sex with you using the selected treatment?

Many treatments for ED require a man to take some physical action to achieve an erection. Some of them require time and effort to learn. If you are looking for a quick and easy solution, or are resistant to finding new ways to achieve an erection, you will probably not be successful with some of the available treatments.

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