Triamterene is a drug prescribed for the treatment of fluid retention

Triamterene is a drug prescribed for the treatment of fluid retention in patients with liver cirrhosis, heart failure and nephrotic syndrome.

The medicine has to be taken after food with full glass of water. Never take large amounts of Triamterene or take the drug for longer periods unless asked by your doctor.

You should always maintain to take Triamterene drugs on time. If you forget a dose, you can have it when you remember it. But remember not to use any two doses of Triamterene at the same time.

Before Triamterene is prescribed, talk with your doctor about all your present and past health history so that he may have an idea whether to prescribe the drug or not and also in what dosages. It is better that your doctor knows if you have any problems of the liver, heart or kidney.

Pregnant women and breast-feeding women should Triamterene as the drug is known to cause harm to the foetus and the new born.

The drug should not be taken if you have severe kidney/liver problems, urinating problems and high potassium levels.

The drug can interfere with the lab results and so inform the lab technician that you are on Triamterene medication. The doctor may stop Triamterene for a few days if you are going to have any surgery.

Triamterene should not be used with muscle relaxers, seizure drugs, and Cold or pain medicines.

In case of serious side effects like numbness, uneven heart rates, muscle pain, drowsiness, stop triamterene and contact your doctor without any delay.

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