3 Fat Burning Secrets!

It is extremely common for people in every kind of job these days to want to make changes to their health, fitness and appearance. People will put themselves through all kinds of programs and spend endless amounts of money to get rid of the unwanted flab quickly.

Secret #1 - It’s up to you

The truth about getting off your bum and burning your fat is that most of it is about getting off your bum!! Making a strong decision and gaining up the momentum to get you going is usually the hardest part of starting anything new.

Secret #2 - Your metabolism

Yes, let’s talk about your health. Most weight loss programs and diet ’secrets’ claim to make you slim and stunning in a matter of weeks by just drinking tea or taking pills to off-set your poor health. The simple truth about this is that you need to have a foundation of proper health if you really plan on burning fat from your body. Speed up your metabolism through healthier, more frequent eating, regular bouts of low-intensity exercise and you are well on your way to burning some fat.

Secret #3 - Burning fat from ’spots’ on your body

Many people will go out and start an ingenious exercise routine in the hope of burning fat from one singular part of their body. The stomach, thighs or back of the arms are all very common places people want to ‘work on’. The simple truth is, you can target the muscles in those areas and make yourself ‘feel it’ in those places, but you can not target fat loss. Fat burning is an overall event which will be determined by your genetics. Cardio exercise and eating properly helps - many people don’t eat enough and get fat because of this!


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