Amazing Weight Loss - Crazy, But it Works

Want to try some things that cause some amazing weight loss. Kinda crazy stuff, but they’re easy and fun. Look, weight loss isn’t about all that stuff you do in the gym or eat in the kitchen. Other things play a role in losing weight. In this brief article, I’m going to share with you 2 powerful ways you and drop the weight.

Amazing Weight Loss

1. Do the spin

As in, you spin around with arms out. Do it. You can’t picture it? Ok, think about how kids do it. That’s exactly what you want to do. As crazy as this may seem, spinning does work indirectly for weight loss. It’s not a direct weight loss exercise. Instead it goes 1-step beyond exercising. It goes directly into your CONTROL CENTER…. you’re Endocrine System.

That’s the thing that controls hormones and how and when they’re released and in what amounts.

The thing is, your Endocrine System is not working properly due to all the unnatural chemicals that are in our food, water, air, packaging, etc. These chemicals mimic hormones and throw off your Endocrine System. Anyway, for weight loss to be quick and efficient, you need your hormones working like they should.

That’s where spinning comes in. They stimulate a normality to your normal hormonal production. Give spins a try. Just spin around 5-10 times or up until the point where you are just a little bit dizzy. Please… DON’T spin to the point where you’re totally dizzy.

2. Rub your belly with your hand being warm

How do you do this? Rub your hands together. This will create a heat on them. Then, while lying down, rub circles for 1 minute with your right hand all over your belly. After that, take your other hand and rub circles for a minute.

This works for 2 reasons. The circular rubbing stimulates your digestive process into a more efficient parsing out of nutrients and foods… and it does this faster. Second, the heat from your hands can easily pass through your skin and smack-dab into your fat cells where it causes havoc. Crazy, but if you did it for 2 weeks, you’d see it works.

These 2 amazing weight loss secrets work, regardless of how crazy they may seem.


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