Bioburn Uses Fat Burning Technology to Tone Abs, Thighs and Waistlines

Review Summary

It’s not news that weight loss is on the minds of many individuals these days, but it may be surprising to some Americans that we are on the verge of a nation wide health emergency that is directly related to weight gain and obesity. Issues like weight gain and obesity increase the risk for many life threatening diseases, making this a serious problem. However, the holistic market is chock full of weight loss products that are suggested to be able to help users lose weight, tone up and feel healthier. Bioburn is advertised as being an extreme weight loss agent; however, there are already many of these on the market, some of which can actually produce results, but most are more hype than fact. Let’s examine its formula for a few minutes to see where it stands in terms of producing results.

Ingredients at a Glance

This supplement contains Advantra Z, Green Tea Extract, ChromeMate and Gugulipid.

Ingredients in Focus

The fact that this product contains Advantra Z is a huge draw for many consumers, because it is one of the most powerful thermogenic agents on the market. When Ephedra was removed from the market, Advantra Z took its place in the higher performing products, because it can stimulate beta 3 cell receptors, which gives it an innate ability to help the body burn more fat faster. However, according to experts and other research driven websites, the other elements in this product are not nearly as effective.

Green Tea Extract is a low to moderately effective thermogenic agent, but it is not as potent as other fat burners like Yerba Mate. ChromeMate contains three kinds of Chromium to help balance blood sugar levels, but it does not contain the more effective form of Chromium, GTF Chromium, which can turn sugar into energy rather than fat. Gugulipid has shown some positive results in research studies in terms of reducing serum lipid levels, which means it may have some ability in augmenting heart health.


Bioburn is becoming increasingly hard to find on retail sites, which is odd, but it is not totally unexpected given its rather moderate formula. On these sites it tends to range in price from about $19.99 to $23.96, because many sites are now offering price breaks. Also, we should note that these sits tend not to post consumer reviews, and those that do post very few. This is rather troubling, and is often a red flag for us, because reviews or testimonials are often posted on retail and product websites for the more effective and results driven weight loss products.


Contains Advantra Z

Due to a number of current price breaks, this product is rather inexpensive


Does not contain GTF Chromium or Yerba Mate

Does not contain elements that can control hunger

Few reviews are posted to support this product and its abilities

Final Thoughts

When people decide to lose weight, most individuals want to buy the best product for the job. In many ways Bioburn does not appear to belong to that exclusive class of weight loss supplements. However, just as the Internet has helped people have access to a wider range of products, it has also given individuals access to resources that can help them get even more information about holistic products. In fact, we have posted a few articles below, provided by other reputable sites, that we think will be particularly helpful for consumers looking for more information on Bioburn.


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