Breakthrough Weight Loss!

If you’re looking for a breakthrough weight loss technique, you’re in luck. I’m going to share with you 2 of them. AND… they only take 15-20 seconds of your time when you do them. So if you’re busy and tired, that’s ok… I can work around that and still help you lose weight. It’s worth your time to spend 2 minutes reading this article.

Breakthrough Weight Loss

1. Spinning

Not the type on a stationary bike. The type where you are standing up and with your arms out. Ever see how kids do it? Like that. I start all my clients out on this. It’s a hormone re-balancer. Hormones are like the big secret when it comes to weight loss. You hear all this stuff about diet pills, dieting, and exercise… nothing about your hormones. Well, your hormones are the BOSS.

Make them happy and you will lose weight, treat them bad and you can forget about losing weight. Anyway, spinning helps your hormones regain their balance. With that, then weight loss usually follows. A couple quick tips when it comes to spinning. Spin 5-10 times to begin with and ALWAYS spin to the point where you are ONLY slightly dizzy… no more.

2. Cold water thermogenesis

Cold water creates thermogenesis within your body. It does that by drinking cold water. But I’ve found an even more powerful way. Use it in your shower. HOLD UP. I’m not telling you to take a complete cold water shower. Instead, do your normal shower. Then rinse yourself off with really cold water for about 20 seconds. That’s it. Thermogenesis is stoked and you burn fat at a high rate for lots of hours.

Those are 2 breakthrough weight loss tactics that lots of people have paid big money for.


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