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We live in a rush-rush world, which makes dieting difficult because we often don’t track correctly what we are consuming. Daily food journals are a great way to short circuit this problem and ultimately accomplish the weight loss you are after.

How do we know America is a rich country? A majority of us are obese. There is no clearer sign than that or the billions of dollars being spent in the weight loss industry. From this diet to that, there always seems to be some new trendy method for losing weight. Some work well and some don’t, but there is always one common problem with any diet. Sooner or later, you go off of it and then what happens? If you don’t change your eating habits, you gain weight again.

The root issues behind weight loss can always be broken down to the simplest of mathematical formulas. If you take in more calories than you put out, you will gain weight. In contrast, if you put out more calories than you take in, you will lose weight. No matter how a diet guru spins things, this is the basic construct of weight loss.

The problem with losing weight for most people is not that they are not willing to take the necessary steps. The problem is our society. We live at a frantic pace. Part and parcel to this lifestyle is a lack of designated eating times. Yes, most of us take a lunch, but we also shove food into our mouth throughout the day whenever time permits. The end result is we get to the end of the day having consumed many more calories than we realize. Slowly, but surely, the pounds pile on our frame.

The single best weight loss tool you can incorporate in your life is a food journal. What is a food journal? It is a writing journal that you keep daily notes in regarding what you eat, when you eat it and how you were feeling when you eat it. At night, you can also record the calories for each thing you ate during the day.

Keeping a food journal can be a real eye opener on a few fronts. First, you’ll be shocked how many more calories you are consuming that you don’t even register mentally. Second, you’ll be able to isolate small snacks that have huge calorie counts. By eliminating just those items, you can cut your calorie intake to a level where you can maintain or lose weight. This is obviously the road to success with getting your body in the shape you desire.


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