Diet Weight Loss Options

Here are 2 EFFECTIVE diet weight loss options I’d like to share with you. These are proven to work really well for losing weight. They also aren’t terribly hard to do for most people. It doesn’t matter if you’re busy, stressed out, have kids, whatever. Take 2 short minutes to read this article and I believe you’ll be able to take something away from it that’ll help you drop pounds and inches faster than you are right now.

Effective Diet Weight Loss Options

1. Focus on drinking protein shakes and water, nothing else

Ok, first off… no, I don’t want you to use protein shakes as MEAL REPLACEMENTS. I DON’T want that. But I do want you to use them in place of sodas, diet sodas, coffee, etc. If you’re going to drink something with calories, it has to be a protein shake. Why? Because almost all the calories from a protein shake come from protein, not sugar carbohydrates. Drink these however you want… with meals or between meals.

As far as water goes… I love sweet drinks. Gimme lemonade. But you know, those are empty useless calories. I knew it and I knew I had to get away from drinking it. So what I did to stop drinking lemonade cold in 3 days was to use 2 packets of Stevia (natural sugar substitute) in my waters.

It’s so sweet. WOW… in less than 3 days, I no longer craved lemonade. The Stevia in the water made it nice and sweet… so no sugar cravings.

2. Eat apples and bananas as snacks

Ok, not very exciting news. I realize that. But listen, if you want and crave sugars, don’t go the processed sugar route. Go with nature and the natural sugars in fruits such as apples and bananas. Both these fruits are pretty filling. So eat 2 at a time or whatever. Just try to phase away from junk food snacks and more towards natural snacks such as these.

These are 2 effective diet weight loss options that will ultimately save you thousands of calories a month while dropping 10’s of pounds from your body over a year.


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