Do You Want to Lose Weight Or Not?

Seriously, do you want to lose weight? Think about it because just about every overweight person wants to lose weight… but what do they do to actually accomplish it? Look, if you’ve read this far already, you’re probably pretty serious about dropping inches and pounds from your body. I’m going to give you some good information, but just knowing this isn’t good enough for you… you need to APPLY IT.

Do you truly want to lose weight?

If yes… keep reading.

1. You need willpower in the grocery store, not your home

That is a very profound statement if you really think about it. It’s very simple. If you bring junk foods into your home, they will get eaten sooner or later. There is no question about that. So I won’t even address your willpower issues because I’d fail. What you need to do and what is a lot easier is to have willpower in the grocery store.

To make this work, eat right before you go to the grocery store. Then just buy healthy stuff. Pretty simple advice, but it works. Avoid the aisles that you know has processed junk foods in them. Just try this tactic once and see how it works out. If only healthy foods are in your home, you have no choice but to eat them.

2. Use cold water to accelerate your weight loss

I have a simple test for you that will prove or disprove how badly you want to lose weight. Take your typical shower. No, that’s not the “hard part”. Once you’re all rinsed off and everything, leave the water on but turn it to really cold. Then rinse it all over your body for the next 20 seconds.

Does it suck? You bet! Does it work for weight loss… better than you can ever imagine.

Why does it work? Because it stokes your body into thermogenesis… which is nothing more than fat burning for energy or heat. You are tricking your body into thinking you’re about to freeze to death. It overreacts and internally heats up to maintain a stable core temperature. This “heating up” burns off fat for hour and hour and hours.

So now that you read this… do you truly want to lose weight?


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