Drop 2 Sizes Fast

Here’s how to drop 2 sizes fast. You’re probably thinking too much when it comes to weight loss. I’m going to try and reverse that and help you to think about just 2 things. For weight loss to be successful, you need to make it easy and practical. This brief article will help get you on the right path.

Drop 2 Sizes Fast

1. As far as diet goes, focus on eating just 2 things daily

What are these 2 foods? Eggs and black beans. Now, you can eat other foods. I’m not telling you to eat just eggs and black beans. What I’m telling you is to make sure you eat eggs for breakfast everyday and also eat 1/2 can of black beans with 2 of your meals everyday.

Just focus on doing those 2 things. Besides that, just try and eat and drink better… but DON’T focus on it. Eggs are a great protein source while black beans provide a lot of fiber… and protein. These 2 things help to cause a “RIPPLE EFFECT” with the rest of your diet. I won’t go into that because then I’m making this more complicated than it needs to be.

To put it in simple terms, expect to lose pounds within 10 days.

2. As far as exercise goes, focus on doing 2 things daily

What? Do bodyweight squats and walk up and down stairs. Hopefully you can do both at home. Bodyweight squats are easy. Just do them… no weights needed. Do them during tv commercials. Do 2 sets of 25 during each commercial break. Use 3 commercial breaks. So that’ll be 6 sets of 150 squats.

Next, walk up the stairs in your house or building. If you live in a 1-story house, then skip this exercise and do jumping jacks. Now, with these walks, I want you to just do them non-stop for 10-15 minutes daily. There’s no trick to them. Walk up the stairs, then walk back down. On and on and on… until 10-15 minutes is done.

These are 2 ways on how to drop 2 sizes fast.


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