Female Fat Zones Toned and Firm

If you want your female fat zones toned and firm, then this article will offer you a couple simple solutions. Look, if you’re determined to get a better body, I’ll show you how. But please be realistic and understand that you will need to take some small actions to make this happen for yourself. Just knowing this information isn’t good enough. Read this article now so you can start losing weight today or tomorrow.

Female Fat Zones Improved

1. The butt

The butt is simple to deal with. Do isometric butt squeezes while you lie down watching tv. All you do is squeeze your butt together as hard as possible and hold it for as long as you can. Do this for a total of 5+ minutes each and every day. Your butt will start taking on a better shape and become more and more firm.

2. Thighs

Jump on a mini-trampoline. This is great for reducing the appearance of cellulite, but it’s also great for firming and toning your legs. My clients have gotten great results doing jumping jacks on it for 20 minutes a day. A lot of my clients do this during commercials, 3 minutes at a time.

3. Triceps (back of the arms)

Do close-handed pushups while on your knees. The reason why your hands should be close is because this targets your triceps a lot more than if you did them with the normal hand placement. I recommend that you keep your hands about 8-9 inches apart when doing these. Do 3 sets a day, every other day. Do as many as you can for each set.

Target these 3 female fat zones with these exercises and you should notice an improvement within 10-14 days.


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