Micro Diet Weight Loss Plan is Back, But is it Worth Your Money?

Review Summary

This weight loss system is basically a line of diet products that are meant to help consumers reach their weight loss goals. Dieters who follow the program must purchase and consume these products to stay on this plan. The program was on the market almost 10 years ago, but then left for some time. While the Micro Diet is making a big deal about being back, the reason these products were taken off the market to begin with is not shared with consumers.

Diet at a Glance

According to advertisements for the program, dieters can easily lose anywhere from 10 to 80 pounds on this plan. As mentioned, dieters who follow this program will also have to purchase a number of this company’s products. Currently, the product website sells a variety of different products, including Snack Bars, Diet Shakes and International Cuisine Meals, such as Chile, Spanish Rice, Paste Marinara and Vegetable Cream.

Diet in Focus

The premise of the Micro Diet is actually quite simple. Dieters will only eat the company’s products throughout the day, but they are allowed to supplement their meal plans with two fruits and 5 vegetables a day. Also, it appears that dieters are supposed to stick to just three of these products per day. The dietary and nutrition content of the products are not posted online, but we do suspect that eating just three of these products a day with some fruit and vegetables will make for a very low calorie diet. There is no question that reducing daily caloric intake is a good first step to losing weight, but nutritionists warn that when consumers go too far it can actually hinder weight loss and deprive the body of essential vitamins and minerals.

The Micro Diet program can be quite expensive. If dieters are eating three of these products a day it can end up leading to a monthly cost of around $300. We did come across some independent consumer reviews that complained about the cost of this program, and some reviewers even noted that this program was, as they said, not worth the money. We also want to point out that a couple of these reviews complained about the quality and taste of the food products, with some reviewers even saying that these products were hard to choke down.


Product website is posted for the program
Details of program are very easy to understand


No cited research provided to support the diet’s proclaimed abilities
Negative reviews posted online
Program can be expensive
Program may require a very low calorie diet lifestyle

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, people who used the Micro Diet plan in the past may be excited that it is now back on the market. However, we do wish the company offered more information about the nutritional content of the food products they sell and posted some cited research or other evidence to show that this program is effective and safe. Thus, those dieters who are interested in the program may still want to take a moment to look at additional articles on this subject to ensure that the program is all that they think it is. The links below lead to other reviews that further discuss the details of this program.


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