Pure Weight Loss Centers and Their Promised Benefits

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This chain of weight loss centers is advertised to provide dieters with the guidance and support they need to generate an effective and lasting diet program. This company has been known by other names such as LA Weight Loss and Family Weight Loss. We are not aware of the reason for changing names so often, but we do suspect that it may have something to do with shaking off bad connotations. Unfortunately, Pure Weight Loss announced that all of its centers would be closing within this year, but it does appear that there are still some LA Weight Loss centers open throughout the country.

Centers at a Glance

The reason dieters usually head to a weight loss center is to gain the aid they need to lose weight. While in business, this company promised to generate effective fat burning plans and to provide dieters with additional support. The programs advocated by this company are said to combine both fitness elements and nutritional advice to make up a comprehensive and successful weight loss program.

Centers in Focus

Even before closing all of their doors, Pure Weight Loss was surrounded with a bit of controversy and allegations of unethical business practices. In fact, if dieters do a quick Internet search of the company they may find a number of independent consumer reviews that complain about this company. Dieters who attended these centers before they closed claimed that this company scammed dieters, used aggressive sales tactics and would overcharge or double charge consumers for diet items sold at the centers.

There have also been a few news shows that profiled this company and found that employees were instructed to lie to their costumers if it led to larger sales. In addition, most of the staff did not have a nutrition or fitness educational background, despite claims by the company.

Diet Lifestyle

Again, it does appear that the affiliated LA Weight Loss still has some centers opened throughout the country. It appears that the company behind Pure Weight Loss also owns these weight loss centers, which is not surprising considering that there is a high number of similar consumer complaints when it comes to LA Weight Loss. For example, many dieters complain of being ripped off, as one source says, and encountering uneducated staff that aggressively attempts to sell them unneeded diet products at ridiculous prices.




Most of the centers have been shut down

Numerous consumer complaints about this company have been posted online

Participating in a weight loss program at these centers may have been quite expensive

Final Thoughts

In the end, since the doors of Pure Weight Loss appear to have been permanently shut, many dieters may want to research other weight loss options. Though, since it appears that this company may still be operating under different name, other dieters may want to learn more about it. There are additional articles written on this subject, and we suggest that interested consumers click on the links below to learn more.


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