Rice N Shine - Meal Replacement Drinks For Weight Loss

Review Summary

These shakes are advertised as all natural, heart healthy meal replacement drinks. As evident from the product name, these drinks are based on a rice formula, which the company claims offers a unique nutritional formulation that is complete with essential vitamins and minerals. The company does maintain that this product will increase energy levels, lead to weight loss results and even benefit the health of the entire body. Though, we did notice that there are quite a few negative consumer reviews for Rice n Shine displayed online, but we will still take a closer look at this product to determine if it’s likely to work as an effective meal replacement.

Product at a Glance

Again, the formulas in these meal replacement shakes are said to be based on Stabilized Rice Bran, which the company claims are, as they say, the most powerful, life giving foods available. The complete ingredient list for each of the flavors of these shakes is posted online for consumer review. Currently, consumers interested in Rice n Shine can buy one of these meal replacements in Chocolate, Vanilla or the Original flavor.

Product in Focus

Typically, the entire point of a meal replacement program is to help dieters cut down their daily caloric intake. Though, as mentioned above, meal replacement plans can be hard to follow and many people report feeling hungry and irritable while on such plans. In addition, such calorie restrictive plans can be hard to maintain and dieters may find that they cheat or break the plan too often to lead to weight loss. We do want to note that when weight loss results are achieved with a meal replacement aid, many nutritionists say results are not likely to last once dieters go back to their regular diet.

When it comes to reducing caloric intake some dieters may prefer to use an appetite suppressant rather then turning to meal replacement shakes, like Rice n Shine. It is possible to find supplements on the market that contain proven appetite suppressing ingredients. We suggest that interested consumer research the ingredient Hoodia Gordonii, which appears to be one of the more popular appetite suppressing herbs currently on the market.

Consumer Reviews

As mentioned above, when it comes to these shakes, there are some independent consumer reviews posted online. For the most part these reviews are mixed, but we did notice that there are quite a few that are negative or that complain about this product. There were a couple reviewers that noted they bought these shakes as a way to help achieve their weight loss goals, but while on the Rice n Shine meal replacement plan they did not only not achieve their goals, but they actually gained weight instead. In addition, there are some reviewers that complain about the taste of these shakes, but at the same time there are others who claim they taste quite good.


Complete nutritional information is posted online for consumer review

Product website posted


Negative reviews posted online

Some reviewers report they gained weight while using product

Meal replacement plans can be quite restrictive and hard to follow

Final Thoughts

In the end, these meal replacement shakes may be enticing to some consumers due to the products advertised promises. We are concerned about the reviewers who claimed to gain weight while using the Rice n Shine meal replacement shakes, but those dieters who would still like to learn more about this product do have access to additional articles. In fact, below are a couple of links to other sources on this topic that take an even closer look at this purported weight loss aid.


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