Alternative Options: Antibiotic or Homeopathy

Sometimes, to treat some specific ailments, homeopathy forms the best alternative to the commonly used antibiotics. Here are the five ailments where homeopathy is much more effective than antibiotics and also helps the patient to feel healthy as well as vital.

Facts about antibiotics

  • They can’t kill viruses
  • A virus is a causative organism of common cold as well as influenza
  • In the treatment of mild upper respiratory tract infections, the negative effects caused by antibiotics overpower the benefits.

There are several patients who take antibiotics but, do not see any improvement in their health or acute infection.

Lower Vitality

One noted fact about antibiotics is that after taking antibiotics the general health of a patient is reduced. They hinder the system and cause an imbalance in the immune system. When there is even the slightest of imbalance in the immune system, the overall health of a person is compromised.

Here, we present to you five common ailments and homeopathic alternatives:

Common Cold

It is a viral infection. In this the body produces mucus to excrete the waste WBCs and dead virus cells. Conventional treatments like decongestants that suppress discharges prolong the total length of the cold infection. Homeopathic treatment helps the body to fight against invading viruses.


Fever is a mechanism where the body fights the infections. Medications suppress it and at the same time block the normal inflammatory response of the body that helps to fight an infection. Homeopathy is the treatment of choice but, not for infants under two years. The fevers below 39 degree Celsius should be left untouched. But, if it is causing any discomfort to the patient, there are several homeopathic medicines at the disposal.


No medicine is effective in acute otitis media than placebo. Homeopathic medicines are very effective to treat otitis media as well as chronic ear infections.


It is a mechanism of the body that helps in cleaning the congested bronchial passages. It is important to leave the process of coughing untouched as suppressing productive cough prevents the body to expel mucous.

Painful or dry cough can be transformed into productive cough by the use of homeopathic medicines.


Ossillococcinum is counted among the popular homeopathic medicines in France. It is used for the treatment of mild influenza. It accounts for about 50 percent of all the influenza medication sales that also includes conventional medicines. This medicine works effectively but, the symptoms of flu in each and every individual vary and so, individualized homeopathic medications are really very effective.

In these common infections, the use of antibiotics is not at all appropriate. It is also not very effective. The ideal way to treat the infection is to find out a proper way to support the immunity. This helps the individual to develop the defence against many of the invading pathogens making the body healthier and stronger. Homeopathy is the treatment o choice for such infections.

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