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There are lots of diets that you can opt for to loss weight, they include the latest diets in the health and fitness field; Mediterranean diet, smoothie diet, the all protein, cookie diet, and the list is endless. However, no matter how hard you try to loss weight, at the end the results are as usually, “sorry you have added 10, 15 or 2o pounds”, and the weighing machine loudly declares. This is a disappointment especially when you have sacrificed your time and money in an attempt to gain appealing fitness. Such are the results that can lead you to the use of fat burning pills and other related supplements.

In many cases, many individuals have failed to understand the importance of both health and fitness. To them, they will prefer to starve with diets that does not satisfy their appetite rather than exercise for fitness. There might be unidentifiable difference between health and fitness unless it is explained to you. The differences include:

1) Health
Health revolves around what you eat and drink. For proper fitness, you must start by focusing on your health. What you eat determines how big or skinny you will grow. Therefore, if you are on a diet, do you understand what you are supposed to take and by what percentage? One of the most important facts about health is nutrition. This are the nourishments (diet) that helps you keep fit. Once you understand the important diets which include protein, carbohydrates and fats, yes fat, you can thus regulate their intake in the required ratios rather than starve to death.

2) Fitness
Fitness involves the physical undertaking of your preferred choice and which will help you reduce weight. However, carrying out too much exercising activities can cause stress from too much expectation. Thus, do not expect that the results in health and fitness programs are immediate. Sometimes, it takes months for you get any positive appealing changes.

Working towards achieving fitness requires complete devotion. This simple exercise that you are undertaking now, do not look down upon them. For instance any healthy meal that you take you reduces the chances that you be affected by diseases both now in the future. Exercise helps you strengthen your muscles and bones. Do you know that by doing so you are keeping away from ailments such as arthritis, osteoporosis (ageing), heart disease, obesity and blood pressure plus other diseases?

You need to understand that for health and fitness to be efficiently carried out in a way that it will benefit you I the future, you should not in any case use supplements to reduce weight. Statistically, although the drugs have been returned to the market, they were burned as they caused heart failures on a prolonged use. For that reason, you have to rely on your diet and fitness plans such enrolling in fitness clubs. Moreover, this clubs has expertise that will help you loss weight in a short while compared to any health and fitness program.

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