Antidepressant Drugs as Stop Smoking Medications

Smoking cigarette or any other form of tobacco hampers the health in many ways but, still there are many people who are addicted to this literally bad habit. Smoking is not a disease but, it takes a toll on the life of a person who is a habitual smoker. But, smoking can be seen as an evil disease because once a person indulges in this bad habit, it becomes really difficult for him to break the habit. A person who is addicted to smoking cigarette or any other form of tobacco faces a really tough time after indulging in the habit and also when he wants to quit the habit. Quitting smoking is not an easy nut to crack.

Stop Smoking Medications

In past too, various measures had been ruled out to help a person quit smoking. Some succeeded while some were shunned. There are several people who came out victorious and withdrew smoking cigarettes but, there are many who fell down in to the trap of this evil habit. Also, many people who managed to quit smoking, fell prey to relapse. They again began smoking cigarette and tobacco in other forms in a matter of time.

If you look deeper, you will find many ways with which a person can quit smoking completely. There are several smoking cessation techniques that work wonders and help the person to completely quit the habit. Many people lend help for certain drugs that help them in quitting cigarette. The drugs form an essential part of the cigarette cessation programs. There are few drugs that can be tagged as sensitive. And so, you cannot buy them from anywhere. You could only get those drugs if you have a prescription given by a certified psychologist. If you have the prescription, you can use the drugs to get rid of the vicious habit of smoking but, under the strict eye of the physician.

Bupropin is a very famous antidepressant drug that has been used in cigarette cessation program. It helps to break the habit of smoking cigarette to a great extent. This antidepressant drugs has many purposes but, if you go by the nomenclature, this drug is basically used to reduce or prevent depression. It has been successfully used by many psychologists to successfully treat many forms of mild to severe depression.

Bupropin helps in the regulation of the serotonin levels in the body. Our system secretes serotonin and whenever we crave for nicotine. Nicotin is the addictive substance present in tobacco. Serotonin helps in regulating the urge to have tobacco. Serotonin lessens the urge by leaps and bounds. Bupropin stimulates the production of serotonin in the system of the person and this helps in curbing the need to smoke cigarette or other forms of tobacco.

Bupropin is sold in the United Kingdom under the brand name, Wellbutrin. This drug cannot be obtained over the counter.

If you want to quit smoking, you must discuss it with your doctor. You doctor will plan a smoking cessation program for you.

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