Healthy Eating: Small Tips For Healthier Meals

Investing time and thought into cooking healthier is always a good idea. Believe it or not, eating healthy doesn’t have to be time-consuming. There are ways to improve your health by simply improving the way you are cooking your meals. Here are a few simple tips to improve the quality of your meals:

1. Steam cooking instead of boiling
Investing in a good quality steam cooking dishes can seriously improve and intensify the aroma of your food. Not to mention that steaming food preserves a lot more healthy nutrients than regular boiling. Another perk of steam cooking is the speed- meals are prepared a lot faster than the common way.

2. Spice herbs instead of industrial spices
While good-old, natural, spice herbs bring the unique flavor to every dish and have a healing impact on overall health, industrial spices are as harmful as they can get. Industrial spices lack good quality nutrients and contain more salt, sugar and chemical aromas than any spice herb. Industrial spices are known to contribute to high blood pressure, heartburn, kidney problems and heart disease.

3. Double the onion!!!
Most of the ‘fullness’ we feel from eating warm, cooked meals doesn’t actually come from meat. It comes mostly from steamed vegetables, especially onion. Not to mention health benefits that come from eating this aromatic vegetable, but it also melts inside a cooked meal, making a significant portion of what we perceive as liquid broth. Adding more onions into your recipes will make the dish more fulfilling to eat with additional nutrients being added to it.

4. One broth equals three dishes
Did you know that you can simultaneously prepare three dishes in one pot? It is as easy as it sounds! If you are a fan of steamed and cooked meat and broths, then there is a simple way for you to make a nice dinner without spending too much time by the stove. Whether you prefer soups or broths, the main principle is the same: cut your meat into medium-size slices and gather all the veggies and spices you like to see in your dish. If you are making a broth, start by steaming onions and slices of meat, and if you prefer a soup, simply put all the ingredients into a one pot and proceed to your normal cooking routine. Once the meal is over, separate meat and larger pieces of vegetables from the soup/broth, leaving only the liquid and noodles. Serve pieces of meat with vegetables as a main course, with salad and/or potatoes on the side.

Modern life is fast, busy and leaves little time to devote to a proper diet. However, your health is your most important asset. People start valuing their health most often once they lose it. Taking time to pay attention to how we treat ourselves on the inside, as well as outside, is always worth it. Follow these few simple tips and enjoy healthier and delicious meals!

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