Epidural steroid injection for back pain

If you are having back pain or any other pain, then doctors might prescribe epidural steroid injection. The epidural steroid injections are considered to be the best treatment for back pain as it delivers good results within a short time. Doctors prescribe epidural steroid injections for those who do not want to go for surgery.

Epidural steroid injections have been in use from the 20th century. Well, epidural steroid injections do not give complete cure or relief from the pains but it only gives a temporary relief, may be for a few days or a few months or for a year.

The Epidural steroid injections contain steroids like cortisone, dexamethasone or methylprednisdone, which are known to slow down inflammation and which gives relief to the pain.

Though Epidural steroid injections give some relief from the back pain and other pains, they come with many side effects. Before going for Epidural steroid injections, it is better to discuss about the risks related with the steroids with the doctor.

Persons who have been administered Epidural steroid injections may have pain for two to three days. They may also have stomach problems, headache dizziness and vomiting.

Severe side effects related to Epidural steroid injections are rare. Persons may experience infection. But there is only a rare chance of infection as everything is sterilized. Bleeding is another side effect that comes with Epidural steroid injections. This condition is more likely in persons who use blood-thinning medicines.

Epidural steroid injections are not given to people who are diabetic. It is also not given to persons have a greater risk for infections and those who have problems with their immune system. The injections ar also not prescribed for persons having mental problems.

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