Anti-diuretic drug DDavp

What kind of medication is DDavp?
DDavp is an anti-diuretic drug. The active ingredient is desmopressin which is available as oral tablets (0.1mg and 0.2mg).

What is DDavp used for?
DDavp treats night-time incontinence. It is also used to treat the symptoms of increased thirst and increased urination associated with some brain surgeries or head injuries. Ddavp also treats certain types of diabetes, and other conditions not mentioned in this guide.

DDavp must be used as prescribed. Never make changes to the dosage without consulting a doctor. DDavp should be taken orally with water.

Missed Dose
A missed dose can be taken as long as a suitable length of time passes before the time of the next dose. Do not take a double dose.

Important information about this medication
DDavp should not be taken by people who are allergic to desmopressin, or people who are allergic to any food dyes and preservatives, or other substances.

DDavp should not be used by people with low sodium levels, or people who have kidney problems.

Your doctor will need to know if you suffer with any of the following: severe drowsiness, high blood pressure, kidney or heart problems, cystic fibrosis, fever, an abnormal level of electrolytes in the blood, dehydration, diarrhea, or fluid retention. Also tell your doctor if you spend a lot of time in hot weather, or if you are very physically active and drink large amounts of water.

Prior to taking DDavp, you must provide your doctor with details of your medical history. This must include medications that you have used, or are using, as well as any dietary supplements such as vitamins and herbal medications.

DDavp may harm a fetus. Women who are pregnant should use this medication cautiously, and only if approved by a doctor. It is not known if the active ingredient in this medication is secreted into breast milk which means that nursing mothers should use DDavp with caution, and only after discussing potential risks with their doctor. Any woman who becomes pregnant while using this medication must immediately tell a doctor.

When first using DDavp, do not drive or do any dangerous activity to ensure that you do not experience a bad reaction to this medication. Avoid alcohol while using DDavp because alcohol may cause extreme dizziness.

This medication should be administered to children under the age of six years, and elderly patients, with extreme caution.

What are the side-effects of this medication?
Symptoms of an allergic reaction include breathing problems, swelling (tongue, throat, face or lips), or hives. If any of these symptoms appear, call for medical assistance.

Symptoms of serious side-effects include fainting, confusion, mood swings, lack of appetite, muscle weakness, cramps, spasms, a change in personality, nausea, convulsions, restlessness, swelling, severe headache, fatigue, vomiting, or weight gain.

This medication may cause other side-effects not mentioned above. Any uncomfortable symptoms that persist should be reported to your doctor.

If overdose is suspected
Symptoms of overdose may include persistent headaches, confusion, rapid weight gain, persistent drowsiness, or difficulty in urinating. Call for emergency help in the case of overdose.

Storage instructions
DDavp should be stored in a dry, cool place – away from moisture or direct sunlight.

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