Topical medicine Differin

A topical medicine, Differin is used to treat acne. The drug also helps to rejuvenate the skin.

How to use Differin?

Always use Differin as advised by the physician. There is no need to use more of Differin as it will not give faster results. It can also lead to many side effects. The drug should only be applied for the period specified by your doctor.

Differin has to be normally applied only once a day. After applying the medicine, you have to make sure that you have washed your hands well.

Well, you should not discontinue using Differin if you do not see any improvement in the first few weeks. The drug will only start to act in a few weeks time. However, if the acne problem does not improve in 12 weeks, it is better to talk to the doctor.

What happens if a dose is missed?
If forgotten to apply Differin at a time, you can go for it once you realize it. Well, do not apply it if the time is almost near for your scheduled dose.

What happens if an overdose is used?
If you think of having applied more of the medicine, seek immediate medical help. , You may come across redness, irritation and scaling of the skin if an overdose is used.

Discussing with Doctor
Differin is rated FDA pregnancy category C, which means that the drug is harmful to the newborn and the unborn. You should have to tell the doctor if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant before he gives Differin. Though it is not yet known if the medicine passes into breast milk, you have to apply it only after getting advise from the doctor.

When consulting the doctor, you should also inform him about all the medicines, including prescriptive and non-prescriptive, that you are using. Some drugs can interact with Differin.

More information
You should take care that Differin does not get into the mouth, eyes and nose. If by any chance the drug gets into these parts, wash properly with water. Another thing that should be noted is that Differin should not be applied on dry, sunburned, chapped, broken or irritated skin.

You should also not use skin products containing alpha hydroxy when you are using Differin. You should also not use harsh soaps, shampoos and skin cleansers. Never use hair coloring chemicals, waxes and hair removers. While using Differin, you have to avoid skin care products that contain alcohol.

After applying Differin, it is better to avoid sunlight, as the drug is so sensitive to the sunrays. When going out, you can use some sunscreen lotions.

Possible side effects
You should have to stop applying Differin and call your doctor at once if you come across any allergies like swelling (throat, face, lips, mouth) and hives.

When using Differin, there is a possibility that the skin may become dry, scaly and red. You can also come across a burning sensation. If you come across these side effects, it is better to approach the physician without any delay.

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