Health Diseases and Prevention

Many diseases can be prevented by following some standards and just simple rules. A healthy man has a healthy mind and soul and sick person cannot live a peaceful life. A happy and healthy person is surrounded by love and care and he can live a well managed life. For achieving fitness there are many methodologies and techniques that can maintain vigor and well shaped body.

For improving health one should keep track of his weight. Daily keep on checking weight and note the difference. To be live a healthy life use of alcoholic drinks and cigarettes should be avoided. Addiction of drugs and alcohol can cause cancer and many other diseases that can even lead to death. Moreover, less salt and fat should be taken and less protein containing food should be eaten. Many heart diseases and strokes are caused due to excessive use of salts and fats. Moreover, high blood pressure can result in heart attacks and increase level of cholesterol.

Regular exercise can maintain a balanced figure and well maintained body. Risk of diseases is reduced to a large extent and many sick persons are exposed to live healthy life. Use f fresh fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of serious diseases and illness. The stress should be reduced to the minimum level as it can be fatal and can cause many serious problems. Sleeping times should be noted and keep on track. No more or less sleep should be taken as it disturbs the routine and cause health hazards. Moreover cleanliness is another important factor to avoid germs and pollution should be reduced to a minimum as it can cause many sicknesses.

Fresh air and the intake of oxygen are very much necessary as it promotes and regulate the fresh and healthy blood in the body. More drinking water should be included in the diet to promote health. The human body requires 90 percent of water daily. Few small changes in life can improve health and lifestyle. Calcium and Vitamin c and D should be taken in proper quantity and less stress should be taken. Fresh fruits produce immunity in body against many diseases and person can live healthy and prosperous life by keeping a check on his diet.

Now it may be surprising, but it is true that intake of garlic in daily food can regulate blood pressure and can maintain cholesterol level also. It provides immunity in the body and cure infections. And are you aware of this, that intake of tea can also reduce the growth of cancerous cells as it contains many antioxidants. Involve yourself in different activities as it will activate your brain and regulate the brain cells by providing them with oxygen. It is another easy way to keep you busy and maintain body through exercise. Olive oil contains such a component that can balance the level of cholesterol in the body and thus ensuring the life to be healthy and body to be vigorous. Similarly the use of salads is very much effective as it contains fresh vegetables and fruits that should be included in daily diet.

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