How do Albuterol Inhalers Work

Albuterol is a bronchodilator, which helps in relaxing the muscles around the airways and increases the flow of air to the lungs. For those suffering from asthma, this is one medication to give a try. Today, we want to focus on how this medicine works

How Do Albuterol Inhalers Work?

Air normally moves through the lungs and out of it via a network of airways. Nevertheless, when an asthma attack occurs, the airways around the muscles get tightens. The narrower the airways, the harder it will be to breathe properly. This situation is what is known as bronchospasm. This bronchodilator is among the group of drugs called beta agonists or beta-adrenergic receptor agonists. The beta agonist is responsible for stimulating the beta-receptors within the body, which includes the muscles of the airways. The stimulation from the beta agonist causes the relaxation of the muscles, which opens the airways and gives room for air flowing in and through the lungs. This medicine comes with its effect by minimizing the working of most cells within the lungs, which are responsible for allergic reactions and inflammation.

Effects of the Albuterol Inhalers

The inhalers in clinical studies begin working from 6 to 15 minutes and the effects could last between three to four hours averagely. To thwart exercise-induced asthma signs, it is recommended to use the inhaler 15 to 30 minutes prior to exercising.

When is an inhaler required?

The following are general consideration for how and when you want to make use of an inhaler

  • Some patients use the inhaler when the need arises i.e. when there is an asthma attack, for others regularly to prevent such attacks.
  • Prior to using the inhaler, you must first test spray it even if you haven’t made use of it for a longer time. Test spraying is by spraying it on the air via the pressing of the top of the canister.
  • Ensure you shake the inhaler gently prior to its usage.
  • Wait for a minimum of a minute between each inhalation.
  • Ensure you learn how the inhaler is to be used. You may find it difficult to operate at first, however, with continuous usage; you will be good at it.
  • You should not spray into the back of your throat rather inhaled to the lungs. Breathing is important while spraying the inhaler.
  • Don’t put the mouthpiece of the inhaler to your mouth directly. Nevertheless, most doctors would recommend placing it some inch away from your mouth. Ensure you consult your doctor on the proper method to use.
  • Finally, each inhaler comprises of about 200 sprays. Remember to keep records of the number of times the spray has been used, so as not to be cut unaware. The Ventolin HFA inhaler is different because it has a counter, which keeps the records of time sprayed. Remember for the inhalers to work, as it ought to, they have to be prescribed by a doctor or your health-care provider. If you decide not to take use the inhaler again, the medication won’t work.
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