Diet Help For Overweight Women

I’m going to give some diet help for overweight women here. These pointers and tips will help you to organize your weight loss to make it much more effective than it currently is. I can’t guarantee you 100% success, but I can promise you that these tips I’m about to share with you will move you closer to your weight loss goals. Take your first step to true weight loss, read this now.

Diet Help for Overweight Women

1. Eat with your NON-dominant hand

So if you are right-handed, eat with your left hand. And vice-versa. So why does this help you with weight loss? Well, because you’re forced to eat slower. And why does that help? Well, because your body kinda has a timer when it’s eating. It doesn’t sense it’s full when it truly is full. It’s a delayed timer. So if you eat slower, you in effect eat less when that timer finally does go off and signals you that you’re full. Basically, this is a strange, BUT PROVEN, way to eat slower.

2. Eat on a smaller plate

Eat on a salad plate if necessary. Fill up the plate with your side dish vegetables. Make the vegetables the star of the plate. We as humans are kinda weird. If you fill up a smaller plate, you’re subconscious mind will usually accept that as the full meal… even if it’s less than you normally eat. It’s a visual thing since a lot of overweight women eat food to comfort themselves without even realizing it. Try this out for a week or 2, you’ll see how effective it is.

This diet help for overweight is incomplete and basic, but I seriously hope you give it a try because these 2 small things will make a BIG BIG difference and you’ll see that within 1 month.


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