4 Best Weight Loss Tips - Only For People Anxious to Keep the Pounds Off

Because a diet success is defined as one in which the weight is still gone 12 months following the attainment of the goal, finding ways to ensure the best weight loss practices is an ongoing concern. Sometimes it takes several tries to actually lose the weight and reach the desired goals, but if you then go right back to ‘normal’ eating, you will soon find that the numbers on the scales have climbed again, sometimes higher than before the diet began. So, no matter how much weight you are trying to lose and how long it has taken to reach your goal, the diet will not be really successful unless your view of ‘normal’ eating changes to accommodate keeping the weight off.


If you do not pay attention to your personal best weight loss practices, it’s easy to slip into old habits as soon as you are out of the active phase of losing weight. However, if you set a personal range for weight gain or loss, it is much easier to go right after any unwanted pounds fairly quickly. You may want to keep a weight loss journal for a while so that you can see if there are certain weight gain and loss patterns that occur. For example, a small weight gain during parts of a woman’s menstrual cycle is quite common and not something to be concerned about as far as a diet is concerned.

An eating plan–not a non eating plan

The best weight loss plan is one that determines the things that you can and should eat, rather than just describing all the foods that you must go without during the course of your diet. There are hundreds and even thousands of healthy and delicious things to eat, even some which could be considered fattening if prepared in one way, but are quite acceptable if prepared in some other way.

How little Things Add Up

When you are following the best weight loss tips that are available, don’t forget to take the little things into consideration for optimum results. Just a teaspoon of peanut butter licked off the knife while fixing lunches or that handful of potato chips downed while watching the sports event on television can wreak havoc with a weight control plan. Stay on top of those little cheating spells and you won’t have to correct a major weight gain in the future.

Forgive Yourself

When you are following a solid and effective plan to lose weight and you fall off the wagon, so to speak, it is important that you don’t feel so badly about the slip up that you lost all the benefits you have gained. In fact, giving yourself a reward day or reward meal occasionally is a good way to help you learn to control your eating, rather than having it control you. Just because you have a candy bar after lunch is no reason to eat a quart of chocolate ice cream because you slipped up.


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