Synthroid treats hypothyroidism

Synthroid treats hypothyroidism and also goitre developed by cancer, hormone imbalances, radiation treatment or surgery.

Synthroid should be taken in the morning about half an hour before eating anything. Take the drug with full glass of water. When you are on Synthroid medication, never deviate from your prescription. Always follow the direction of your doctor. Never miss any dose and if a dose is missed, you can have it once you remember it. However, skip the missed dose if it is almost time for your regular dosage. Never go for a double dosage of Synthroid.

Once you doctor has almost decided to give you Synthroid, better inform him about all your health conditions, which will help him to decide whether the drug should be prescribed and what the dosage should be. Moreover, the doctor should also know if you are having diabetes, heart problems or coronary artery diseases, pituitary gland problems, anaemia and adrenal gland problems.

Pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers can use Synthroid as the drug does not cause harm to the foetus and also the newborn.

When you are under Synthroid medication, never miss any lab tests as the doctor should have to regularly monitor your liver, heart and kidney conditions.

A person using Synthroid may also come across many allergic reactions and side effects. Some of the allergic reactions that are commonly seen with Synthroid include hives, berating difficulty and swelling (throat, face, mouth, lips).

The drug should have to be stopped and the doctor consulted immediately if you come across serious side effects such as fever, headache, sweating, hot flashes, insomnia, menstrual changes and weight changes.

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Morgellons disease

Morgellons is a disorder which leads to delusions that causes one to believe that foreign materials or parasites are coming out or moving into the skin. This disease is not that well known and it is often associated with non-specific nerve, skin and psychiatric symptoms. Some also refer to this problem as fiber disease. And when people suffer from this disorder, they seem more likely to suffer from hypothyroidism, which is low thyroid functioning. Caucasian females who fall in the age group of 35 to 50 years have a higher tendency to develop this condition when we compare them to other females and California and Texas have been identified as those regions where people have a higher tendency to suffer from this rare disease.

Symptoms and signs of Morgellons disease

When we talk about this disease, most often people complain about the following:

  • burning
  • skin itching
  • The feeling of something crawling under the skin.
  • Hair, fuzz or thread coming out of the lesions on the skin

Because of the following reasons, this disease is also known as skin crawling disease. One who suffers from this disease may feel like they have springtails (collembola), skin mites or scabies which cause some skin sensation. Other than the common symptoms, some other symptoms experienced by people include:

  • depression
  • tobacco use
  • Difficulty in thinking clearly
  • chronic fatigue

Causes of Morgellons disease

Usually patients suffering from lyme disease are also known to suffer from Morgellons disease. Many professionals and doctors believe that this disease is some form of psychosis due to which people believe that they have some form of parasite infection (delusional parasitosis). There has not been a significant research on this condition, but whatever research has been done, it has been found that this is not caused by some form of infection or environmental toxin and therefor this disease can be safely termed as one which is non-contagious.

Diagnosis of Morgellons disease

As of now, there is no standard established methodology when it comes to diagnosing this disease. When it comes to diagnosis, the individuals are asked their family history along with their history with major diseases. The patients are also subjected to questions where their mental health is tested and the doctor performs a few laboratory tests to identify the appropriate diagnosis for the same. To assess some specific skin complaints, the healthcare professional may ask the patient to undergo a skin biopsy.

Treatment for Morgellons disease

As of now there is no cure for those who suffer from the conditions of Morgellons disease. However, individuals are subjected to medications like olanzapine (Relprevv, Zyprexa or Zydis) or pimozide (Orap) which is used in the treatment of tics or psychosis in individuals.

Prognosis of Morgellons disease

Currently the prognosis for this disease is quite difficult. And the reason for this is the lack of clarity when it comes to the signs and symptoms, potential causes, diagnosis and treatment for this disease. For this disease, a range of infectious and non-infectious causes have been postulated. However, the etiology of this disease remains largely unknown & there are no proven remedies as of now.

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