Counting Calories Diet - Why I Don t Propose it and What is Best For You

Many individuals are following the so called counting calories diets. This means that they are constantly monitoring the foods that they are eating in order to estimate the amount of calories that they have been consuming. In order to do this method efficiently, its follower usually have a chart which lists down the calorie content of some of the most common foods available. The usual way of going about this diet is to cut back on as many calories as possible. The prevailing idea is that, the less calories you put into your body, the more fat or weight you will lose. It all sounds logical of course but not until you discover how the body actually deals with food and calories.

In order to lose weight, most individuals skip meals with the goal of cutting back the on calories they consume. Though this strategy looks good on paper, In real life skipping meals is not really a good way to cut back on calories in order to lose weight. In fact it can actually be counter-productive. this is because skipping meals can decrease the metabolic rate of the body. Why does this happen? When you skip meals, the body recognizes it a a form of starvation. So what it does it tries to save energy by preventing the utilization of calories used saved in your body and it includes calories in the form of fat. This means that when you skip meals, your body actually prevents itself from burning fat. Moreover, it will actually try to store the calories you will eventually consume the next time you eat in the form of fat. Fats take longer to burn than other nutrients so when the body is in starvation mode, the body tries to convert all calories into fat to ensure it’s survival.

The proper way of doing counting calories diet is to lessen calorie intake without skipping meals. This way, you will be able to lessen your total calorie intake without compromising your metabolism. A great way to increase metabolism is to eat smaller meals throughout the day instead of eating few big meals. Certain foods can affect metabolism positively such as fruits, vegetables and other high fiber foods such as whole grains. You can also increase your metabolism through regular exercise.

Counting calories diets especially the old ones luck proper techniques to help you lose weight. So what is best for you if you are trying to lose weight through dieting?, Of course the answer is Not skipping meals while eating anything but in less amounts because you are counting calories!. The best answer is to eat a healthy balanced diet consisting of foods that have fewer calories like lean meats such as turkey, fruits, fish, vegetables, low fat daily products like skim milk and also whole wheat breads. There are many healthy delicious weight loss friendly foods that I can’t mention right now. So there is no need of fasting, starving yourself or eating less as a way of losing excess body weight, you see what I mean?. If done properly, dieting can be an effective way of losing weight. Strive to increase your metabolism and you will see positive results in no time. For more resources, Please Visit Here


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