Understanding Belly Fat - Why You Haven t Got a Flat Stomach

With age, our bodies lose shape, our metabolism slows down, and we start to suffer from belly fat. The mid-section is one part of our bodies that tend to store fat more than others, so it becomes extremely noticeable when we start to put on a bit of weight.

The human body will naturally store fat in fear of starvation. Most people eat at least one big meal a day so you think our bodies would know that we’re never going to starve. The way that we eat and space out our meals can play a big part in the way our bodies store fat.

If you’re on a calorie controlled diet, and you’re only eating two or three times a day then your body can go into this starvation mode where it will start holding onto the calories that you eat, and will store them as fat.

When you eat less calories than you normally do your body’s metabolism will also slow down. So now you have a combination of your metabolism slowing down and your body storing calories as fat because it thinks it’s being starved.

When you eat 2000 calories a day your body will usually burn 2000 calories a day. If you start eating 1000 calories a day then your body learns that it only needs to burn 1000 calories a day so you end up staying at the same weight. You might lose some weight at first until your metabolism adjusts itself to cope with your new diet, but this soon levels out.

Your body learns that in order to survive it must hold onto the calories that you’re eating so eating less can in fact make you put on weight. This is usually what happens to people on a calorie controlled diet.

Eating less meals a day also makes your body produce hormones such as cortisol that will make your body store more calories as fat. Diets don’t give your body any reason to burn off more calories which is what you need your body to do in order to lose weight and burn fat from around your mid-section.

To successfully burn off your belly fat you need to eat more often so your metabolism increases. Your body will learn that it’s going to get more food in a few hours so it will have no reason to hold onto the calories that it doesn’t need.

If you eat too much food, and eat the wrong foods then your body will hold onto the calories, and you will put on weight. All you need to do is get the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat spread out during the day, and your body will start burning fat.


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