Diet Eating Plan!

Here’s a simple diet eating plan you can use as an outline to help you to lose weight without doing anything crazy. It’s pretty easy and it’s VERY practical. Read this article over the next 2 minutes and imagine the possibilities of you losing a bunch of weight without suffering through an extreme diet.

Diet Eating Plan

1. Eat an apple before each meal

Ok, now I know that’s simple. Here’s the deal. Apples have about 5 grams of fiber in them. So by eating an apple 5 minutes before your meal, you’ll help fill up your stomach which will signal your brain that you’re full MUCH EARLIER. So when you start eating 5 minutes later, you’ll be able to eat less than you normally eat. You’ll save calories, still be nice and full, and you won’t create any type of nutritional deficiency.

2. Add 1/2 can of black beans to 2 meals a day

Why? Because they’re high in protein and fiber… 25 grams of each in a can. Oh, and a can costs only 58 cents at Wal-Mart… so they’re cheap too. If you don’t like black beans (they lack sugar unlike baked beans), then add a little bit of bbq sauce or a tablespoon of sour cream on them. Do whatever, just eat a can of these a day. They help to regularize your bowel movements, thus helping to speed up the whole digestive process.

I’m going to stop here. I know 1 thing from working with thousands of women. It’s not good to overload a person with too much information. So take these 2 tips and incorporate them into your diet eating plan and then go from there.


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