Fast Weight Loss Diets - Do They Work?

Many people come across a fast weight loss diet that promises great results and think they’ve found the answer to all their prayers.

The fast weight loss diets state that the dieter will lose a pound a day - sometimes even more. Since most dieter’s are in a ‘want-it-now’ mindset, to them, this becomes incredibly appealing, despite the fact that it may not be the safest, nor smartest approach to their fat loss.

So, what’s the truth behind fast weight loss diets? Will they really help you lose the weight you’re hoping to?

Here’s what you should know.

Water Weight Loss

First up, realize that most diets are going to work off an initial water weight loss. This means that when you first start them up, you lose a great deal of water weight, thus it appears that you’re quickly losing weight, but this isn’t quite the case.

Once that initial water is out of the body, weight loss slows and results become stagnant.

Metabolic Issues

Next up, it’s important to understand that very often these fast weight loss diets will set you up for a metabolic crash, which is something that you will pay for in the long term.

Many fast weight loss diets will cause you to lose a pound or two initially, but once you come off the diet, you gain five back.

How’s that for a trade-off? Not good.

Taking Basic Physiology Into Consideration

Possibly one of the most important things is that you take basic physiology into consideration. Really, it takes you burning 3500 more calories than you consume to lose one pound of body fat.

Even if you were to starve yourself all day long and not eat anything, most people have an average daily expenditure between 1400 calories and 2500 calories, depending on your body weight and activity levels.

Even one day of complete fasting will not having you losing one pound of body fat.

Makes you question how valid these claims really are.

So, be sure you keep these points in mind when you’re on your search for a weight loss diet program. Many of the fast weight loss diets out there are not going to be sound and will just cause you more grief than they do good.


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