Your Fast and Easy Diet to Lose Weight

Want a fast and easy diet to lose weight? In this article we’ll look at a method which works, without major lifestyle changes, and without exercise. If you’ve tried losing weight, but have regained it fast, try this method.

Most dieters who lose weight put the weight on again, within a couple of years: 98 per cent of them. This happens because most diets make unrealistic demands.

They ask you to:

* Change the way you eat;

* Exercise;

* Learn a system (some diet programs are so complex you need to spend a month studying them before you even start)

* Count calories.

It’s not surprising that most dieters fail. If you’re sick of diets which don’t work, here’s what does.

The following method just asks you to change one meal (no cooking) and (maybe) change your bedtime. It’s been promoted as the “banana diet” and it’s generated a global sensation.

Here’s the simple diet. Eat raw bananas for breakfast, and sip room temperature water. Eat normally for the rest of the day, but have your final meal before 8PM. Go to bed by midnight.

That’s the entire diet, and it’s working for people who thought “I can’t lose weight.”

Here are some tips to make this fast and easy diet work for you:

1. Follow the bananas-for-breakfast rule; it’s the key to the weight loss program because it kick starts your metabolism for the day.

2. Drink plenty of water with your bananas, and keep a water bottle with you throughout the day.

3. Enjoy yourself; forget you’re on a diet. If you feel like a fast food meal, enjoy. If you want to go to a party, or out to dinner — enjoy. You can eat normally on this diet. However, as the weeks go by, and you increase your fat loss, you’ll start craving healthier foods.

This fast and easy diet seems too simple — can you really lose weight? Yes, you can. Join the hundreds of thousands of people who are already on this diet, and love it.


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