Fat Loss After 50 - Lose Weight Fast

Are you a fat baby boomer? Fat loss is more difficult as you age, but you can win back the spring in your step, and your waist too. Here are four tips will help you to lose weight and feel great fast.

1. Your Metabolism Slows As You Age: Boost It

Here’s the bad news. Your metabolism slows two per cent per decade after 30, primarily due to loss of muscle mass. This is bad news because when you have fewer muscles, you burn fewer calories, and this leads to weight gain.

However, once you understand that that chunkiness around your middle is due to a loss of muscle mass, you can boost your metabolism by exercising more. If you’ve never followed an exercise regime, now’s the time to start.

Not only will you look better, you’ll feel better too. So if you want to feel as you did when you were 30, build exercise into your day.

2. Small Meals More Often Defeats Belly Fat

There’s no need to wave goodbye to cakes, chocolate and cookies forever. You can have a daily treat. However, it’s essential that you eat well and often. This helps to keep your metabolism humming, and will slowly remove the fat around your middle.

Eat five small meals a day — breakfast is the most important meal, because it kick starts your metabolism for the day.

3. Exercise As a Lifestyle Choice: Move, It’s Good for You

As we’ve stated, as you age, your metabolism slows, because your muscle mass decreases. Therefore, the more exercise you do, the better.

Think about your lifestyle: how sedentary is it? If you sit all day at work, then make a lifestyle change and begin and end your day with exercise. Take a walk before you leave for work (yes, you’ll need to get up earlier, but it’s worth it).

Visit a gym after work several times a week. You don’t have to join the lithe twenty-somethings in their classes. Join a yoga or Pilates class.

On weekends, take up golf, hiking, gardening: anything which gets you moving, rather than sitting.

4. Eat Well and Exercise, to Defeat Aches and Pains

As you get older, you get aches in places you were never aware of: suddenly you known you’ve got joints, and they hurt.

Good food and exercise not only provides pain relief, but it helps you to sleep better too.

So there you have four tips which will help you to lose fat after 50: get some exercise today.


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