Can You Boost Your Metabolism and Lose Weight?

Want to lose weight? If you envy skinny people because they have a “fast metabolism”, you may not be aware that you can boost your metabolism. You can, here’s how.

Firstly, let’s discuss what metabolism actually is. It’s simply all the processes your body goes through to maintain your life. When you think about boosting your metabolism, you’re talking about changing the way your body works.

1. The More Muscle, the Less Fat — Increase Your Exercise

Your muscles require more energy than fat, so the easiest way to boost your metabolism is to increase your muscles. Yes, this means exercise. You don’t need to become an athlete, but you do need to ensure that daily exercise is part of your daily routine.

You can’t do this overnight, but you can increase your exercise day by day. Within a short time, you’ll find that exercise is a habit, and that your body craves it. Exercise will become healthy fun for you.

Start by talking a short walk every day. After a couple of weeks, join a gym, or take a yoga class.

Tip: although your goal is weight loss, don’t jump on the scales. Remember that your aim is to increase your muscles. Body reshaping, and weight loss, will occur on their own, naturally.

2. Boost Your Metabolism With Food

You can also boost your metabolism with food. The secret is more (healthy) food more often. Kick start your metabolism in the morning with a good healthy breakfast. No sweets: eat oatmeal or another sugar-free cereal, with fruit.

Have two daily snacks, and eat protein at lunch and for dinner. Good protein sources include: meat, fish, eggs, beans and cheese.

Small meals keep your metabolism ticking over. As you exercise, your fat stores will be used for fuel and you’ll lose weight.

3. Health First, Diet Second

Exercise and food are the secrets to a healthy metabolism. Focus on them, rather than on dieting. You’ll find that when you do, weight loss happens completely naturally.

Suddenly, your clothes feel looser. You have more energy. Within weeks, you’ve dropped a dress size, and then another one, without thinking about weight loss at all.

You can boost your metabolism and lose weight — get started today.


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