Is Your Social Life Making You Gain Weight?

When your best friend is ordering a burger with fries is harder for you to eat healthy. However, don’t let yourself influenced by other’s unhealthy eating habits. Here are a few tips that help when you re next to a person that doesn’t follow a diet:

If you noticed that you eat the same as your partner, and you gain weight while he or she doesn’t is due to the fact that people have different metabolisms. However, if you want to eat the same, try to reduce portion sizes.

You partner will never notice if you started using lean meat or low-fat cheese so you may use turkey meat or beef for burgers, or low-fat cheese for your burgers.

You don’t need all kind of unhealthy snacks around the house. If you feel the urge to take a snack, choose fruits or pistachios. If the people next to you consume sodas, you may choose diet sodas.

Don’t avoid whole grain bread and pasta. These products taste good and are rich in fibers and whole grains. Try not to focus on food. Spend time with your partner after meals, take a walk or find other activities that you both enjoy.

Eating out doesn’t necessary mean you cannot continue your diet. While others eat fast food products, you may choose a big salad with chicken, grilled fish with boiled vegetables, or a soup. If you wish to avoid the dessert when you’re out, order a cup of tea or coffee while your friends have a chocolate cake or ice-cream.

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