Lose and Snooze - Sleep and Weight Loss As One?

Review Summary

The company Affinity manufactures this liquid supplement that it is advertised to reshape the body and improve sleep. According to the product website, the most productive time to lose weight is during deep sleep when the body makes Collagen, but the exact science behind this claim is not shared. However, we will still take a closer look at Lose and Snooze below to determine what type of benefits it may be able to provide, hopefully there will be more than just its cutesy name.

Ingredients at a Glance

This supplement is said to contain the following ingredients: Bovine Collagen, Fructose and L Carnitine. It also contains Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate to act as preservatives.

Ingredients in Focus

The main ingredient in this product is Collagen, which is actually contained within a number of diet products on the market. While this ingredient may certainly be trendy and popular within the diet industry, there is not clear indication as to what its role in fat reduction may be and there are no conclusive studies that show Collagen will actually lead to weight loss. Though, some dieters may be concerned that Lose and Snooze gets its Collagen source from a Bovine, or cow source.

As mentioned, the manufacturer claims that the most productive time to lose weight is actually during deep sleep. The company claims that at, what they call this important time, the body works to repair the body and to preserve lean muscle. Though, there is not much more explanation on this issue, and we were unable to find any research that suggests the optimal fat reduction time is during deep sleep. We suspect that such claims may be nothing more than a marketing gimmick and a chance for this company to give this supplement a cutesy name.


Official website is posted for this product

Formula displayed for online consumer review


Product appears to be rather expensive

No cited research provided at this time

Contains Collagen from a Bovine source

Does not contain a proven appetite suppressant

Final Thoughts

Lose and Snooze definitely presents an enticing scenario by supposedly offering consumers the ability to lose weight while sleeping. Unfortunately, we feel that the company behind this supplement fails to present the necessary proof and evidence that this product will actually live up to such claims. Not only is there no cited research on the product website, but we found that the formula consists primarily of trendy, unproven ingredients that may have little to no effect on weight loss. For those who are still interested in this product, we have posted a few links below to additional articles on this supplement. They should be able to provide some additional insight into Lose and Snooze’s abilities.


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