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To put it simply, this company is a brand of dietary supplements, most of which are advertised to lead to weight loss. In fact, this company claims to be the weight loss and wellness leader since 1992. When it comes to their weight loss aids, this company appears to promote products that contain trendy and fad ingredients. However, we will still take a closer look at the Fit America line to determine how it can help dieters achieve weight loss goals.

Products at a Glance

One of the diet supplements promoted by this company is CortiControl. Like many other products on the market, this supplement claims to generate weight loss and reduce stress levels by controlling the hormone Cortisol.

Products in Focus

We are surprised to see that a company that claims to be a weight loss industry leader promotes a product that claims to control Cortisol levels in order to reduce fat. While there are many similar products on the market, most are considered to be nothing but junk since leading research institutes have debunked their claims through careful research and studies. There is absolutely no proof that Cortisol has any effect on weight gain or weight loss, and the latest research indicates that supplements that suggest otherwise are nothing but scams.

Again, we are disappointed that Fit America promotes such a supplement, and it makes us wonder about the quality of their other products as well. Currently, the company website is offering many of their products at reduced prices. While sales always entice consumers, they can raise a red flag on our part. We have to wonder why so many of the products are now reduced in price, and we suspect it may be because the company is having a hard time selling these supplements to consumers.


Company website is posted

Many of the products are currently being offered at a reduced price


Some of the products are quite expensive

Company promotes diet methods that have been debunked

Company does not appear to offer a money back guarantee with purchase of their supplements

Final Thoughts

While we were only able to primarily look at one of Fit America’s supplements, this company does offer a wide array of choices. Again, we are concerned that a manufacturer that claims to be an industry leader would promote a diet method that has been proven to not work. We also want to note that the FTC has charged promoters of Cortisol supplements with making false and misleading claims, but this company does not appear to be on their list of offenders at this time. While this may not be the best available product, we understand that there are some dieters who may want to learn more about this company and its diet products, so we have posted a couple of links below to some additional articles.


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