Lose Belly Fat, Gain Life - 4 Easy Ways to Start Doing it at Home This Week

Beer belly, spare tire, and pot belly are some of the terms associated with unsightly fats store around the midsection of the human body. All lot of people nowadays wants to lose belly fat for obvious reason like looking better and living longer. It is a constant battle to lose the bulge since most us today are in a stressful work environment, living a sedentary lifestyle and having bad eating habit. This article will explore some of the easy ways that can be done to lose belly fat and to gain a healthy life.

If you are an avid drinker then reduce or stop alcohol consumption is one of the ways to start lose belly fat. Beer and wine and other hard liquor are packed with as much calories as their soft drinks brother. On average there are 100 calories per 12oz can and 6 cans of beers and you will need to run 5.5 miles to burn of those 600 calories. Replace your alcohol consumption with fruit juices or just plain clean water. It helps to flush out body toxin and keep your body hydrated throughout the day while reducing the stress on the body.

Stress is quite well known at work or at home and it is necessary that it be dealt in proper way and not thru emotional eating which will aggravate the condition. Stress is good in certain situation as it lead to an alert state of mind and body. However, constant stress needs to be reduced in order for the body to recuperate from the effect of cortisol hormone release during stress. High level of cortisol can lead to higher level insulin and subsequently food cravings. Expert have recommended to include active activity into our daily life such as exercises, meditation and relaxation technique which are some of the best ways to reduce stress and eventually to lose belly fat. Other than keeping cortisol level check it is also helps in burning off those excess calories.

Well some might think that spot exercises such as crunches or abs workout may to lose belly fat but in fact these exercises only strengthen the abs muscle and the core body only. In truth it is recommended to do a whole body workout which includes major muscle group like chest, backs and legs and doing it 2-3 times a week. Once this is done properly and complemented by a proper diet, the fats will start to melt easily.

Eating correctly or having the proper diet will supplement the body with proper nutrition and increase metabolism. Proper diet does not mean starving because it actually stimulates fat accumulation as it tells the body that it is lacking of energy source. The trick is to eat small portions and eating frequently throughout the days. Do consider the choice of foods that will help as well such as fruits, vegetables and whole grain meals. It is suggested that choosing healthy foods that are preferred and adding variety helps to keep the diet on track and helps to lose belly fat.

Conclusively, these are some of easy areas that most of us can start engaging in the quest to rid the bulge. While source of stress may not be controllable, eating habits and active lifestyle can be easily cultivated and inculcated into our life. All this can be thought out carefully and initiated with detailed planning and a positive mindset. This will certainly in the end leads to belly fat loss and a healthy body.

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