Safe Weight Loss!

Worried about safe weight loss? Don’t want to do anything totally crazy that may actually harm your body more than help it? Ok, you’re not alone. In this brief article, I’ll show you 2 ways to lose weight safely. Read this now if you’re ready to get your weight under control so you can look as good as possible.

Safe Weight Loss

1. Simple tip - eat protein with each meal

Say you eat spaghetti. Well, that’s not good because it’s loaded with carbohydrates. But what you can do is ass 20 or more grams of protein (lean meat or chicken) and then eat them together. That’s better for weight loss because the protein will slow down the carbs from spiking up your blood sugar levels.

For weight loss, blood sugar levels should be like a straight line, not hills. This keeps your energy and hunger levels stable and under control instead of causing wild up and down swings that results in junk food cravings. So remember that rule… 20 grams of protein or more per meal.

2. Mini-workouts are the key towards boosting your metabolism

Here’s the deal. First off, 1 thing that is usually better about doing mini-workouts is that you may not even sweat. But the key to them being awesome is that they have a much broader and more powerful effect on training your metabolism to work at a faster speed… ALL OF THE TIME.

They do it better than 1 long workout.

Here’s a quick outline on what you can do. First, I’m huge on advocating people to use tv commercial breaks for workouts. It’s a simple time efficiency tactic. Since commercials last about 3 minutes at a time, use about 7 of them each day to workout. What to do is up to you, but some of the things I do include jumping on a mini-trampoline, jumping rope, doing jumping jacks, doing pushups, and hula hooping. Lots of options to keep things fresh.

This will allow you safe weight loss in a time efficient manner.


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