Best Workout to Lose Weight Fast

I consider this the best workout to lose weight fast with… for people who are 40+ pounds overweight and don’t want to risk injuring themselves with “hardcore” exercising. Follow my suggestions and use them as a guide to make this work for you. This isn’t hard, but it’s a SNEAKY way to drop pounds and inches without it feeling like you’re putting in a ton of effort.

Best Workout to Lose Weight Fast

1. Mini-trampoline jumping throughout the day

Here’s the deal. You’re probably busy and you probably don’t want to sweat your way to losing weight. Ok, got it. Use the mini-trampoline in 3 minute “bursts” whenever you get a few free minutes. Here’s why this works so great for fast loss. It’s a great way to boost your metabolism.

Think of it like this.

You tweak your metabolism with a workout. Well, you are doing multiple “tweaks” each day to your metabolism. This adds up to the point where your metabolism will stop spiking up from those workouts and instead just “sit” at the higher threshold level of burning calories off faster since it will be “conditioned to think that is the NEW normal metabolic rate.

10 quick 3 minute bursts during tv commercials… PERFECT.

2. Bodyweight squats

Ok, these are pretty straightforward. You squat down with your bodyweight. The key to making this a weight loss exercise is speed… DO THEM FAST. My suggestions… do a total of 4 sets for 20-30 repetitions each. Once that’s easy for you, add more reps or add another set. You can do these sets all at once and rest 45-60 seconds between them or spread them out throughout the day. Doesn’t matter, just get them in each day.

There you go… simple and painlessly fast.

I consider this the best workout to lose weight fast for people who are 40 pounds or more overweight.


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