The Army Body Fat Worksheet - What is it and How Can it Help You?

The army body fat worksheet has become very popular. But what exactly is it, and how do you use it? Will it really make a difference with your weight loss goals?

The army body fat worksheet is a way of determining the actual body fat of soldiers during their physicals. It takes a series of body measurements, plugs them into a specific formula, and uses the answer to determine the body fat percentage. It has been used by the military for years, and now it is being used by regular civilians who simply want to know how much weight they need to lose, if they need to lose it at all.

The first time you see the army body fat worksheet, it might look intimidating. It’s not! Simply take it one step at a time and follow the instructions to the letter, and you will have the answers you want in only a few minutes.

To start, you will need a simple tape measure. You will also need the Army Body Fat Worksheet. You can download this from any army website, or better yet, you can visit your local military recruiting office to get a hard copy and some information about why the army requires certain weight guidelines. They might even offer to give you a list of diet possibilities that they use for their own soldiers!

You might need someone’s help to make your worksheet as accurate as possible. You will begin by measuring around your body at the belly button. Do it three times to make sure you are absolutely accurate. You are measuring to the nearest quarter-inch.

Now, measure around your neck at the lowest point. Do this three times as well.

Take the three measurements of each body section and average them out. Now, take the average and write it down. Subtract your average neck measurement from your average waist measurement. Then, using the worksheet and the appendixes provided with it, calculate what that difference means. It will give you a very accurate reading as to what your body fat really is. That knowledge will get you started on the road to figuring out which diet and exercise program would work best for you!

The military has very stringent rules as to the body fat and weight they allow for the soldiers. Keep in mind that you might not have to follow those same guidelines! The military has very good reasons for keeping their soldiers as fit and trim as possible, and those requirements might not translate well to someone who has a lower activity level than the average soldier. Those in the military are accustomed to long and sometimes difficult physical activity, but you might not be!

Keep that in mind when you are trying to figure out where you fall on the army body fat worksheet. Your fitness level and lifestyle plays a big factor in exactly how much of that body fat you need to lose.


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