Calculate Your Body Fat - Discover Simple Ways to Find Out What You Need to Lose!

There are several ways to calculate your body fat. But how do you know which ones are effective and which ones aren’t? There are so many choices out there, deciding which one to use can be a mind-boggling effort that is more frustrating than it’s worth!

While you can always find your proper weight by gauging what your frame is - whether you are small, medium, or large build - and then using a height-weight chart to find the ideal number, that doesn’t give you an accurate idea of body fat. You can try to calculate your body fat by using a Body Mass Index, but that doesn’t take into account your lifestyle or your fitness level.

The best and most efficient way to calculate your body fat is the old-fashioned pinch test. To get an accurate reading, you would need to visit a health professional who will use calipers, an instrument for measuring thickness and diameter, to get a clear and concise measurement. The test consists of the professional finding certain points on your body, pinching the skin there, and measuring it with the painless calipers. The measurement numbers are plugged into a formula that helps determine how much excess fat is on your body, and how much you need to lose.

There are other ways to calculate your body fat, and there are even methods that are much more accurate than the caliper test. There is hydrostatic or underwater weight testing, which is by far the most accurate of all of the tests to measure body fat. However, unless you are an athlete with a big sponsorship or huge game title riding on how fit you are, you don’t need to go that more expensive route. The calipers and a professional who knows how to use them will work just fine.

You can usually find this service at your local gym or fitness center. A personal trainer will know how to make this test work, and will probably go a step farther and do further inexpensive, painless tests to determine your actual body fat measurements. For simple weight loss, this will be more than enough to let you know exactly what you need to lose, and perhaps even how to lose it! Many people carry weight in certain parts of their body, and the trainer you speak with can tell you the proper exercises to target those problem areas. You can’t get that kind of expertise or custom program without getting the advice of a professional, so it’s worth the small cost you might be charged at a fitness center.

Finally, remember that the scale might read a certain number, but the body fat measurement might give you a different idea of what you really need to lose. Since muscle weighs more than fat, you might have more muscle than you thought - which means you need to lose less weight than what you may have estimated! That’s yet another good reason to visit your local fitness center or your local health department and ask for a measurement using calipers.

Having someone help you calculate your body fat is a huge gift you are giving yourself - and a great step toward reaching your weight loss goals!


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