The Three Myths About Fat Loss You Need to Know

Much of the education that needs to be done in bodybuilding has to do with the dispelling of gym myths. These are non-factual statements that may serve to cast aspersions into the right training methods to adopt. Adhering to myths may be counterproductive for you since this may result in injury or any other negative possibilities.

The first myth that will be highlighted here has to do with spot reduction. Many commercials have falsely promised that excess body fat can be lost from a single location of the body. The fact is that spot reduction does not exist. Fat is lost in a uniform pattern from all over the body. The rate of fat loss is dependent on factors that include gender, genetics and age.

While fat seems to be concentrated around the thighs and hips in women and around the midsection in men, it is wrong to assume that doing area specific workouts like crunches and leg raises will get rid of the fat. What these exercises will do is that they will strengthen the muscles found in these areas.

The next myth that should be dispelled has to do with the lower abdominals. Many people are of the opinion that the most effective exercises for the lower abdominals are the leg raises or the hip flex exercises. It is quite wrong to assume that due to the fatigue felt in the lower abdominals as a result of doing these workouts that the lower abdominal area is being worked on.

Indeed the main muscle that is being worked on in this instance is the lliopsoas muscle. This particular muscle is one of the many in the hip flexor group and just that you know the muscle does not originate in the lower abdominal area. The sense of fatigue that is felt in the pelvic area and mistakenly attributed to the development of the lower abdominals is actually the product of the isometric contraction of contracted abdominals and the hip flexors.

One myth that has particularly refused to die is that higher reps burn most fat. The fact of the matter is that you will burn the same amount of fat if you decide to opt for low weights with higher reps as opposed to high weights with low reps. The body uses carbohydrate sources to power itself through these training programs and not fat.

To burn fat, oxygen is required. It is an aerobic process. For you to burn fat with anaerobic training methods you will have to have trained for at least 20-30 minutes using the large muscle groups. Trying to perform extra reps when on a weight training program is largely inconsequential. This is made worse when you try to go for high reps with less weight. In this case you will most likely suffer from fatiguing sensations that will serve to hinder you from injecting more intensity into your workout.

Generally speaking, a significant reduction in excess body fat will only be achieved through developing a greater endurance in exercise.


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