Burn Off Stomach Fat FAST!

Here’s how to burn off stomach fat fast. Look, the best way to lose weight is dieting. However, the best way to get rid of belly fat is through exercise that feeds off fat. I’m going to show you some tips in the next 2 minutes or so that will help you to lose a bunch of weight while shrinking your waist and hips. Read this now if you’re tired of being fat and want to do something about it.

Burn Off Stomach Fat

1. Get into interval training

Think of it like this. It’s a big wave. It goes up. Then it goes down. Up. Down. Up. Down. That’s what you’re going to do with your intensity levels with whatever exercises you choose to do.

I won’t tell you what exercises to do because this will work with pretty much all of them. But here’s the main key you need to understand and remember. Do high intensity intervals for 10-15 seconds. Then you follow them with low intensity intervals that last 30-45 seconds.

You repeat those until you’ve done anywhere from 10-30 minutes of your exercise of choice. This works with treadmills, the elliptical, stairsteppers, stationary bikes, etc.

2. Do Tabata Protocol training

Ok, funny name for basically this… you do an exercise for 20 seconds non-stop. Then you rest 10 seconds. Then you go back and forth between 20 seconds of doing the exercise and 10 seconds of rest. Total time… 4 MINUTES. That’s it.

But wait. It’s a HARD 4 minutes. Don’t let the simplicity fool you. This works best for full body type movements involving weights. And for the women out there, don’t be scared away from the weights. This is extremely effective for getting you to drop inches and pounds fast.

You won’t get big.

You’ll lose weight and help bring out a beautiful feminine figure for yourself. I personally do this exercise with dumbells in which I hope them at my shoulders and I do squats. You’ll only need to do this twice a week maximum to get good weight loss. So if you’re counting, that’s only 8 minutes of your time.

GO FOR IT. What do you have to lose except ugly fat. Try these out so you can lose weight and burn off stomach fat fast.


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