The Top 5 Reasons That You Might Fail With Your Diet

At the end of the season you begin pulling out clothes from the previous year only to find that they fit a little more tightly. You may be totally surprised because you really had not paid much attention to the few pounds of weight you have added over the months. But now here it is, in your face and in your mirror. You cannot ignore those extra pounds any longer. So you begin to look for a diet that will work for you.

Unless you are lucky that diet, no matter which one you choose is probably not going to work like you would like for it to. That is, unless you choose very carefully. There are several reasons that your diet might fail, see the list below:

1) It is too restrictive

2) You are not committed

3) The side effects are overwhelming

4) It is too demanding

5) The focus is on the diet and not you

Diet plans that are too restrictive are simply exhausting. Not only are you expected to eat particular food choices but you may also be asked to limit the amount of those foods that you consume. This results in frustration and a feeling of being controlled. You may continuously feel hungry. It is likely that you will not stick with the diet for long and unfortunately, when you quit the plan any weight that you did lose is likely to return.

Many times we begin a diet or weight management program without being truly committed to losing weight. We want to shed the extra pounds but we do not want to apply ourselves in a positive way. This is especially true when we try to lose weight because someone else wants us to. A heartfelt commitment is imperative to your success.

Fad diets and supplements come with their own set of problems. Because you are limited to an inadequate consumption of food with many of those programs you will end up feeling miserable. You may experience headaches, stomach cramps, fatigue, frustration, irritability, and an overall sense of exhaustion. The side effects from the supplements can be similar. Most people find that the side effects are too devastating to continue with the program for very long, and again, the weight usually comes back.

When a program is too demanding of you it is likely that you will feel overwhelmed and give up. I am referring to programs that not only request that you eat certain food lines or products, but you may also be asked to attend meetings in the flesh or online. Additionally most of those programs include a regular exercise routine as part of the program. Although many people succeed with this type of plan more than half that attempt them do not.

The reason that most diet programs do not work is that they are focused on the program and not the individual. You are a unique human being with your own style and personality. A weight management program should take that into consideration and work with you as an individual. Plans that are customized are the plans that are workable and the ones that provide real results.


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