How to Lose Weight Fast - The Holidays Are Here and It s Time to Look Good

With the holidays fast approaching people are looking for a program to get in shape and lose weights fast. With all the programs out there how does a person choose? Having been on more than a few myself I can give you my opinion on one that worked for me.

I am one of those people who does not like to work out at all. I do not find one bit of enjoyment from running on a treadmill or lifting a set of weights. I also do not like looking in the mirror and seeing my stomaching sticking out further than my.. .well you get the picture. So for me I needed a diet that would allow me to lose weight fast but not have to kill myself in the gym to do it.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots was a program I just happen to stumble upon one day at a friends house. He had also let himself go a little bit and was looking to lose a few pounds. The thing I like about this program is that it concentrates on something I LIKE! EATING! With this program it is all about retraining your metabolism to burn calories the way it was supposed to. You will actually get to eat more often than you do know and lose weight.

For me this was perfect as I love to eat more than your average person. My problem was I would sit down and eat maybe two large meals a day. The problem with that I found out was that I was actually training my metabolism to think that there was a shortage of food. Because I only ate twice a day and in large amounts my body thought I was stocking up food incase of a shortage. Once I changed the way I ate I started losing weight in the first week. About 7lbs in the first 11 days.

When I was all done with the program I had lost almost 33 pounds in 90 days. Not bad for a person who hates to work out.


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