Tricks to Lose Weight

Here are a few tricks to lose weight fast. Weight loss doesn’t have to be a slow and boring process. You don’t need to suffer either. Look, weight loss has a lot to do with your effort. This article takes 2 minutes to read, but I can assure you that I’m not asking much of you in regards to changing up a lot of things in your life.

Tricks to Lose Weight

1. Spin around a bit each day

What the heck is this all about, huh? Well, spinning has been shown to work wonders for your HORMONES. You see, the hormones are an often overlooked thing when it comes to weight loss. But did you know that your hormones are more important than both your diet and exercising combined? Well they are.

Spinning around in a circle seems to affect the Endocrine System (controller of hormones) in a good way. It brings the hormones closer to balance and natural harmony. When that happens, your body is put in the right “state” for rapid weight loss.

I recommend you spin around 5-10 times multiple times each day.

2. Eat a lot of black beans and other types of beans

Beans are high in fiber and a lot of them (black beans in particular) are high in protein as well. Plain POWERFUL. Fiber helps you to eat less, but keep you filled up longer. Protein also controls the appetite and boosts the metabolism. I’m not saying to make beans the main part of your meals, but how hard is it to add 1/2 can as a side dish to your meals?

Try these 2 tricks to lose weight for 2 weeks and you’ll see a slimmer you in the mirror.


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