How to Lose 2 Sizes Fast and Easy

Here’s how to lose 2 sizes fast and easy. Nothing to it. The information I’m about to share with you has been proven over and over to work quickly and without too much wasted effort. We’re all busy and I know you need some time to relax from all the stresses that come with your day. So I’ve designed this to minimize any problems you’ll have in fitting this stuff in.

How to Lose 2 Sizes Fast and Easy

1. Suck in your stomach during commercial breaks

The technical name for this exercise is called the “vacuum pose”. But it’s nothing more than sucking in your tummy and holding it for a few seconds at a time. Commercial breaks last about 3 minutes. What I’d like for you to do is take 4 of those commercial breaks and do this exercise the whole way through them. When the tv show comes back on, stop and resume watching it.

Nothing to it. What to expect. Well, within 2 weeks of doing this, you’ll have lost at least 1 inch from your waist. Try it and see for yourself.

2. During other commercial breaks, jump on a mini-trampoline

See what I told you at the beginning? This is easy on your schedule. You’re not adjusting your life to workout, but adjusting your workout into your life. This not only is more effective, but it helps you to stick with exercising a lot longer. A mini-trampoline is only $25. It’s an investment. Buy it.

Now go watch some tv. See, I’m cool like that. I won’t tell you to stop watching tv. Hey, I do it. But then when commercials come on, I’m disciplined to do my 3 minute workouts. So I want you to get jumping on the trampoline during a bunch of commercial breaks each day. 5-7 commercial breaks of jumping on the mini-trampoline is all you need. It’ll fly by, you’ll see.

This is how to lose 2 sizes fast and easy… no excuses, get to it so you can look great by Christmas.


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