Slim Your Hips - Exercise and Diet Secrets

Here’s how to slim your hips. Exercise and diet secrets are finally revealed so that you don’t have to trudge along on the hamster wheel (treadmill) or starve yourself just to lose your hips and reduce your waist size. Read this now if you’re not happy with your hips and you want to lose pounds and inches.

Slim your Hips

1. Interval cardio

I don’t even care what exercises you do for cardio. What I do care about is how you do them. Do you do them at a steady, constant pace? If so, you’re not getting half the results you should be out of that exercise. Instead, you need to vary the intensity up and down… going from high intensity to low intensity.

The reasoning is simple. You need to challenge your body to the point where you’re huffing and puffing so that you cause an oxygen deficit. This in turn, will force you to inhale more oxygen. This is a GOOD THING because the more oxygen you can get into your body, the better to oxidize fat cells for energy.

Pretty simple.

So if you walk… throw in some hard runs for 10 seconds here and there. Stairstepper… march fast on it for 10 seconds and walk slow on it for 30. Do those type of intervals. This works with the stationary bike and elliptical machine as well. You have lots of options.

2. Eat something raw before and after your meals

Why? Because this helps you digest the other foods that you’ve eaten in your meals. Raw foods have live enzymes that help your digestive process. If you don’t have an efficient digestive process, weight loss will be slow or non-existant.

My choices are apples, bananas, and carrots… with a big preference to apples because they have 5 grams of fiber in them. You don’t need to eat much of these, just eat a little of them BEFORE AND AFTER each meal.

So go ahead, it’s about time for you to slim your hips and show off to the world the type of body you deserve to have.


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