Waist and Belly Exercises For Weight Loss

Here are a couple waist and belly exercises for weight loss that you should be doing. Look, the fact is, most people who go to the gym and exercise aren’t getting any real results. If you’re one of them, take 2 minutes right now to read this article so you can start losing weight faster.

Waist and Belly Exercises for Weight Loss

1. Bodyweight squats

Ok, first off. You’re thinking this is a leg exercise. Kinda yes, kinda no. It’s a total body exercise. The abdominals play a big part in squats because they act as stabilizer muscles. Here’s the thing… if you want to turn the squat into a weight loss exercise, you have to do the squats really fast.

With bodyweight squats, obviously you only use your bodyweight. Here’s how I would like for you to do them. Do 20 as fast as possible. Rest 30 seconds and do another 20. Keep doing 20 like this until you’ve done 100 total bodyweight squats. For best results, do these everyday.

2. Vacuum posing

This is all about sucking in your abdominal muscles and staying in that position to allow the isometric tension to help flatten your belly. Most people can only maintain the “sucked in” position for a few seconds. That’s fine. Here’s what you need to remember. Do this exercise for 5 minutes a day. AND… do it everyday. If you’re pressed for time, do these during tv commercials. Slip them in there. That’s it. Expect 2 inches or so to disappear from your waist in 3-4 weeks from this exercise.

Try out these 2 waist and belly exercises and I think you’ll be happily surprised at the weight loss as well as how much you’re stomach has flattened out.


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