Easy Home Exercises For Women to Lose Weight With

Here are a few easy home exercises for women. These exercises will help speed up your weight loss while saving you a bunch of time and effort. If you’re working out a lot but not getting the results you’d like, then read this now so you can learn how to get faster weight loss results.

Easy Home Exercises for Women

1. Jumping jacks

These are beyond easy. Everyone knows about these. The question is, why do people not do them except for when they were in gym class years ago? I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know that jumping jacks are PROVEN to help you speed up weight loss.

How to make the best use of jumping jacks?

I recommend that you do them for 1 minute at a time. But the key is, you do these 1 minute “mini-workouts” a bunch of times. Why do it this way? Because this way has been shown to boost up your metabolism better than 1 longer workout. So remember that, multiple short workouts get better weight loss results over 1 longer workout.

2. Stair walks

Or runs… or both. Here’s the deal. Devote 10 straight minutes to walking up and down the stairs in your house, condo building, or apartment building. I guess if you don’t have stairs available you can’t do this or you will have to find somewhere that does has stairs.

That’s it.

Just 10 minutes of it. Nothing to think about, nothing to remember. What I do is I run up the stairs and walk back down. But you’ll get quite a bit by just walking both up and down the stairs. In 2 weeks you’re going to be emailing me and thanking me big time… that is if you do these. The results are incredibly quick.

These are 2 easy home exercises for women to lose weight with… just as long as you have some stairs in your home (I’m crossing my fingers hoping you do).


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